Joint Stock "Poytaxt Bank"

General Information

The basis for establishment of Joint-Stock Company POYTAXT BANK was the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2824 “On additional measures to expand the scale of construction of affordable apartment buildings in the city of Tashkent for 2017-2021” dated March 13, 2017.

POYTAXT BANK began its activities by Tashkent city Khakim’s order No. 1481 dated October 13, 2018, who up to this day is the founder of the bank.

The main tasks of the bank:

  • Raising funds from individuals and legal entities to finance investment projects to develop infrastructure for the construction of multi-storey apartment buildings in Tashkent;
  • Providing with loan resources to contracting organizations involved in the construction of low-cost apartment buildings;
  • Perform the role of the customer in the projection and construction of low-cost apartment buildings;
  • Providing mortgage loans and banking services to the citizens and legal entities to meet their housing needs;
  • Providing loans and leasing services to specialized contracting organizations involved in the construction and repair of apartment buildings in Tashkent;
  • Attracting technical assistance from international financial institutions to finance the construction of low-cost apartment buildings using foreign investment funds, including loans;
  • Financing development activities and projects providing a qualitative improvement in investment activity, as well as engineering infrastructure;
  • Introduction of innovative payment systems for housing, utilities, energy supply and other local payments, as well as the providing mobile banking services to the population together with competent organizations;
  • Lending to organizations producing modern, economical, energy-efficient and meeting the high level of demand building materials and equipment;
  • Active cooperation with foreign banks, international organizations, diplomatic and trade representatives through massive presentation of export potential of Tashkent city, including international advertising and trade media;
  • Assisting bank customers in developing promotion strategy of construction products, primarily innovative construction equipment, in international markets;
  • Providing other banking services to legal entities and individuals as a multipurpose commercial bank.

Authorized fund and structure of the joint-stock company

Shareholders of the company

Number of

shares / pieces

Share in authorized

capital / in %

Агентство по управлению
государственными активами

100 000 000



Rating Agency "Ahbor-Reyting" is the first rating Agency of Uzbekistan created in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 427 dated 09.11.1995 to provide rating services to commercial banks, insurance and leasing companies, issuers of corporate bonds, pawnshops, micro - credit and other organizations.

The rating was assigned in May 2019
Assigned rating
Rating UzB
Status Stable
Rating indicator Stable
Rating classification Сreditworthy

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