JSC "Poytaxt Bank" provides its clients with a wide range of services related to servicing all types of foreign trade transactions, transfers in foreign currency, conversion operations, cash settlement services in foreign currency.

Our Bank has the ability to provide professional advice from bank specialists in the preparation and conclusion of foreign trade contracts in order to minimize operational risks for ongoing transactions.

JSC "Poytakht Bank", being one of the dynamically developing banks of Uzbekistan, in accordance with current legislation, provides services for all types of foreign exchange transactions, including those carried out under foreign trade, credit agreements, loan agreements, as well as foreign exchange transactions carried out under non-trade transactions.

Highly qualified specialists of Poytakht Bank JSC provide free consultations to Bank clients at any stage of their transactions. The use of recommendations from qualified specialists allows the Bank's clients to enter into contracts on terms that comply with currency regulation standards.

A full range of services for foreign exchange transactions is provided by Poytaxt Bank JSC.

On October 3, 2016, a new version of the Unified Electronic Information System for Foreign Trade Operations (UEIS FTO) was put into operation, according to which data is entered by enterprises using the “FEA Contract” and “E-Contract 2” software products.

In order to improve the quality of Clients’ work in the program, the Bank provides consultations and enters contract data into the E-Contract 2 program free of charge. There is also a hotline at the Bank’s Head Office at 71 214-20-19, which accepts complaints and suggestions from Customers regarding these services.

In connection with the release of Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 199 dated July 21, 2014. “On additional measures to improve the monitoring of foreign trade operations in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 7, 2014 No. UP-4609 “On additional measures to further improve the investment climate and business environment in the Republic of Uzbekistan” from September 1, 2014 year, the procedure for registering foreign trade contracts with authorized banks is cancelled.

Business entities enter data on foreign trade contracts in electronic form through the Unified Portal of Interactive Government Services using an electronic digital signature.

Monitoring of foreign trade contracts of business entities is carried out by currency control authorities and authorized banks through the Unified Electronic Information System of Foreign Trade Operations.

Business entities enter the following information:

General information on the contract:

Name of the importer (exporter) and his details, including TIN;
name of the foreign partner and his details;
date and contract number;
contract type;
subject of the contract (product, work, service);
total contract amount;
contract currency;
payment currency;
conditions and terms of delivery of goods, performance of work and provision of services;
conditions of payment;
additional agreements;
certificates of work performed and/or services provided;
transfer of a contract to another bank or commodity exchange;
completion of the contract operation.
Banks enter the following information:

Information on the movement of funds:

Date and amount of payment;
date and number of the payment order;
date of compulsory sale;
mandatory sale amount;
date, number, amount and period of opening of the letter of credit and information on its execution;
date, number, amount and period of the issued guarantee, name of the guarantor and information about the execution of the guarantee;
date, number, amount and term of the issued insurance policy, name of the insurance company;
mutual settlements between contracts;
write-off of receivables and payables;
penalties and payment of tax on non-resident income;
foreign bank commission.
The customs authorities enter the following information:

Information about shipment and receipt of goods:

Product name and code according to the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity;
quantity of goods;
country of origin of the goods;
date and registration number of the cargo customs declaration;
date of shipment/receipt of goods;
the date the goods crossed the customs border;
date of customs clearance of the goods;
invoice, customs and statistical value of the received goods;
customs regime of shipped or received goods;
additional unit of measurement code (if necessary);
weight of goods.
Memo on the letter of credit (contents and conditions).

Name of the applicant (applicant) indicating his legal address;
The name of the beneficiary indicating his details;
Letter of credit form (revocable/irrevocable, etc.);
Letter of credit term;
Amount and currency of the letter of credit;
Details of the bank executing the letter of credit (JSC Poytaxt Bank);
Overload (allowed/prohibited);
Partial shipments (allowed/prohibited);
Place of shipment of goods (station, port, etc.);
Last date of shipment;
Place of delivery of goods (station to the Republic of Uzbekistan);
Confirmation instructions (confirmed/not confirmed);
Description of the goods (full description of the goods, including the name of each position, quantity, country of origin, year of release, etc.);
Documents for disclosing a letter of credit;
Delivery conditions (Incoterms 2010 - Cip. Dap. CIF or Other);
Indication of the language of documents;
Subordination of the accreditive of the UCP 600;
Reservation on discrepancies in shipping documents;
Period (term) of the provision of documents (after the shipment of goods);
Avizing Bank (Benfisir Bank);
Commissions. (Bank expenses, banks correspondent, and so on)
A full list of services of the Poytaxt Bank JSC to corporate clients in foreign currency:

Opening and maintenance of accounts in foreign currency:

Translations of foreign exchange vehicles within the republic;
Translations of foreign exchange vehicles outside the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Cash transactions;
Conversion operations;
Attracting urgent and savings deposits;
Operations related to the conduct of foreign trade:

Calculation of foreign trade contracts;
Conducting the calculation of additional agreements to export and imported contracts;
Conversion (purchase/sale) of foreign currency;
Swap operation;
Spot of the operation;
Documentary operations:

Transactions with documentary letters in foreign currency;
Provision of bank guarantees and guarantees;

Cash and settlement services

JS "Poytaxt Bank" offers its corporate clients a full range of cash and settlement services:

Providing services for currency transactions
Transfer from an account by mail 0,15 БРЗП
Issuing duplicate extracts from documents at the customer's request 0,15 БРЗП
Transfer of foreign currency in cash to the accounts of legal entities Free
Simple transfers outside the Republic 0.1% Sum, but not less than 100,000 sum and not more than 10,000,000 sum + SWIFT service+expenses of the partner Bank
Transfers within the banking system 0.05%, but no more than 10% of the base calculation amount
On the territory of the Republic (in other banks) 100 000 sum +service in a local Bank
Changing the transfer conditions after receiving the payment order 100,000 sum + servicing of partner banks
Cancellation and refund of the transfer 100,000 sum + servicing of partner banks
Return of documents for which the payment was rejected or not paid Postage + partner banking expenses
Exchange of one currency for another 0.3% (at the exchange rate of the Central Bank in US dollars)
SWIFT services
outside the Republic 100 000 Sum
in Republic territory 50 000 Sum
Import letter of credit service
Providing letters of credit to other banks 150 000 Sum
Opening a letter of credit 1 %
Confirmation of the letter of credit at the request of the issuing Bank 1 %
Verification of documents letters of credit and payment of letters of credit 100,000 Sum for the amount of one cell
Changing the terms of the letter of credit 300,000 Sums for each change
Cancellation of a letter of credit 300 000 Sum
Export letter of credit service
Preliminary consultation 100 000 Sum
Credit consulting 200 000 Sum
Letter of credit confirmation Under the contract
Acceptance and analysis of letters of credit 100,000 Sum for the amount of one cell
Changing the terms of the letter of credit Foreign Bank + postage+ 2-fold amount of the basic calculation
Cancellation of a letter of credit Foreign Bank + postage+ 2-fold amount of the basic calculation
Entering and comparing information in EEISVO 0,5 БРЗП
Intermediary fee for swap operations 1 %
Purchase of foreign currency from legal entities 0,1 %
Sale of foreign currency to legal entities 0,3 %

For the purpose of timely execution of transactions in foreign currency, the Bank has established swift system. To date, Poytaxt Bank JSC has established correspondent relations with leading banks in Uzbekistan, Russia and China.

Note: make sure that the payment order is filled out correctly in the sender's Bank. For all questions, you can always contact us by phone: (+998 71) 214 20 19
Warning! Please note that when transferring foreign currency, correspondent banks may require additional information, as well as charge an additional Commission from the transferred funds, and the amount received will be less.
Beneficiary’s Bank Address SWIFT Bank Account

2 JSС Azia Invest bank 119180, Russia, Moscow, 2-й Kaznachiy str., h.3, стр.1 ASIJRUMM 30111840000000040003

3 JSC Transkapitalbank

(not active)
109147, Russia, Moscow, Voroncovskaya str., h. 27/35 TJSCRUMM 30111810200000000228
4 JSC Sberbank

(not active)

117997, Russia, Moscow, Vavilova str., h.19 SABRRUMM 30111810700000001664

5 Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankChouyin Mansion, 158 Wangchao Rd., Hangzhou, China
6 JSCB "TENGE BANK" 66 Parkent Street, Tashkent 100007 HSBKUZ22XXX 21002978600001172001

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