Calculate loan

Consumer loan

Money to pay for a product or service of domestic production

Calculate loan

Purchase of goods and services of domestic production

Do you need funds to purchase goods of domestic production or to hold a wedding, buy travel packages or any other services? Then you need a Consumer loan.


Up to 200 BSA

Get a loan to pay for your purchases from domestic manufacturers in the amount of up to 200 BSA

Up to 24 month

Consumer credit from Poytaxt Bank is valid for up to 24 months, which is very convenient for a family person

Short period - less rate

The shorter the loan period, the less credit interest You have: 24 months-27%,

Fast and Convenient

As soon as you provide all the necessary documents, we will immediately issue you a Consumer loan

Rates and Terms
Purpose of loan Credit provided to the consumer in the form of cash to pay for purchased goods (services)
Interest rate on loan 27%
Credit period 24 month (2 year)
Credit currency Uzbek SUM
Initial payment Not provided
Maximum loan amount 200 BSA = 49 000 000 SUM
Credit Collateral Suretyship and/or Insurance policy
Credit insurance Not provided
Commission for issuing a loan NO
Payment schedule Free
Credit Repayment Monthly by equal installments (Differentiated)
Early Repayment Full or partial, by calling the Bank or in your personal account
Grace period Not provided
Penalty fee for non-payment of the next payment 0.1% per day of the payment amount

Set of documents:

  • Passport / Millitary ID;
  • Application Form of obtaining loan;
  • Proof of income;
  • Contract of the purchasing goods;
  • Credit Collateral: Suretyship and/or Insurance policy;

Requirements for the debtor / guarantor:

  • Is a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Borrower's age: at least 18 years;




UZS 0%


Monthly payment
The calculation is preliminary. Exact data will be provided to you at the bank branches.

Заполните вышеуказанное заявление на получение Потребительского Кредита. В течение одного рабочего дня наш сотрудник свяжется с Вами и проконсультирует по вопросам:

  • Какие документы необходимы?
  • Как оформляется Потребительский Кредит?
  • Как легче всего погашать Потребительский Кредит?

А также вопросы, которые Вас интересуют.


Что бы получить Потребительский Кредит, Вам будет необходимо предоставить:

  • Паспорт,
  • Справка о Заработной Плате за последние 12 месяцев,
  • Договор о купле товара или услуги,
  • Поручитель или Залог.

В течение не более одного рабочего дня, после проверки ваших документов, мы оповестим Вас о подтверждении получения Потребительского Кредита или об отказе в получении. Далее будет заключен договор.


Сразу после заключения договора Вы получите Потребительский Кредит и сможете осуществить задуманное.

Statistics of appeals

To improve the Bank's products and services,
we will be glad to receive your official appeal via electronic feedback form directly to the Chairman of the Board of JS Poytaxt Bank.

Your appeal is very important for us!

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